Tevfik Arif: key moments of life


Every person in life has key points that have turned the course of events. It is important to know exactly what these moments may be in order to don’t miss them and have time to take advantage of the opportunities that have opened up.

Different examples of successful people can help to figure things out. In particular, it will be useful to know the life path of a person like Tevfik Arif. It is he who has been increasingly heard lately recently thanks to the projects he implements and great successes in the business sphere.

Interesting is that fact that he started from the bottom. He was born in Kazakhstan in 1953. He was not the son of particularly wealthy parents, but he had to achieve everything on his own. His achievements were a real shock for many people, considering that he completed only nine classes at school.

One of the important moments in the life of Tofig Arifov was getting a position in the Ministry of Trade of the Soviet Union. There he was deputy director of the Hotel Management Department. This position implied managing a large number of people, which in many ways helped Tevfik to properly manage its own business in the future.

After the Ministry of Trade, Arif opened his own business. It is a Trading Company, importing various goods by type of chemicals, raw materials, precious metals in large quantities. As a result, everything turned out so successfully also due to the fact that the time and the goods themselves were successfully chosen. It was a high demand for them at that moment.

Tevfik Arif was assisted in managing the company by his brother. He began to help Tevfik with the affairs of the Jewelry Company, which was owned by a businessman after the whole family moved to Turkey in 1993. His especially good feature is that he invests the earned money in business development, and as a result, everything invested quickly pays off and brings even greater profits.

An important moment was the acquaintance of Arif with the “Kazakh trio” — Alexander Mashkevich, Patokh Shodiev and Alidjan Ibragimov, who are the most significant persons of large business in the post-Soviet space and are included in the list of the richest oligarchs in this region. Together with them, Tevfik Arif quickly implemented many projects that, as a result, turned out to be beneficial for everyone involved.

Besides, Tevfik Arif is a friend of Donald Trump: their relationship started even when they started to work together in real estate before the presidential term of Trump. And they continue to communicate even now.


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